Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Error 10-FC12-0570 on Toshiba satellite

This error message means that the recovery utility was not able to read the data from the disc correctly, or wasn't able to write it to the hard drive.
The problem could be with the disc, the CD/DVD drive or the hard drive.


Try copying the second disc using another system. If it's impossible: order for a new disc. If you can copy it, try using the copy to do the restore.

Try using a third party disk checker to verify the problem, is or is not, with the hard drive.

The best way would be to load the Windonws Vista discs, format the pc and reinstall.
(Vista Recovery Boot Cd is available free by Microsoft). Download it burn the Image .iso and run that disc. That disc will not restore the OS: run diagnostics on the HDD; once disk check is completed and repaired, proceed with the Recovery disks that you have.

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